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Terms & Conditions – Privacy Policy


Data controller and reference legislation 
The Data Controller is Stranieri Gomma s.n.c. di Stranieri Franco e Franca., Via Carlo Zatti 23, 42122 Reggio Emilia, Italy; hereinafter "", for the sake of brevity.

Stranieri Gomma processes personal data in compliance with the European legislation on the Protection of Personal Data (hereafter "GDPR", for the sake of brevity). Pursuant to articles 12, 13 and 14 of the GDPR, the Data Controller provides the present information on the processing of personal data carried out by it.

Purposes of the treatments without express consent 
All personal information that you provide to us without express consent, via web or email or other, are optional and the result of your free choice. This information will only be processed by Stranieri Gomma for the purposes of: (a) responding to your requests, (b) fulfilling our contractual obligations, (c) pursuing the legitimate interests of the Controller [example: defending itself in the legal], (d) fulfill legal and tax obligations.

Method of treatment 
The data will be processed with the support of paper and electronic means. All data relating to the object will be stored at the Reggo Emilia headquarters, Via C. Zatti 23, in full respect of confidentiality, in compliance with current regulations.
The data will be given only for administrative and accounting purposes.
The provision of the data referred to in point (b) is mandatory, and failure to provide it will result in the impossibility of the completion of business relationships.
Your data may be communicated exclusively to the subjects responsible for the performance of the services necessary for the proper management of the employment relationship, with a guarantee of protection of the rights of the interested party. Your data will be processed within the company by the Owner and Distributors and may be disclosed outside the company to categories of subjects that the writer uses for the conduct of his business such as professional firms, processing companies accounting data, consultancy firms, couriers and freight forwarders, credit institutes, recovery and credit protection companies.
The undersigned will take care to ensure maximum confidentiality from the aforementioned third parties and to have the data processed only for the purposes mentioned above.

Period of retention of personal data 
Stranieri Gomma will retain personal data for the period necessary and sufficient for the purposes stated or required by legal and tax regulations or until the person requesting the cancellation (see also Rights of the interested party).

Rights of the interested party 
The natural person to whom the data refers ("concerned"), has the following rights:

- revoke the Data Controller's consent at any time if there are no other legal bases that oblige the data to be maintained: for example, data necessary for the execution of our contractual or regulatory or tax obligations
- propose a complaint to the Supervisory Authority (Guarantor),
- ask the Data Controller to access the data in order to check its accuracy and, if necessary, request its correction;
- ask the Owner for the portability of their data in intelligible format (.csv),
- ask the Data Controller to delete their personal data if there are no other legal bases that oblige the data to be kept: for example, data necessary for the execution of our contractual or regulatory or tax obligations

Categories of personal data 
Unless otherwise provided freely by the interested party, Stranieri Gomma only processes "common" personal data. The systematic and continuous treatment of "particular data" (ie: sensitive, medical, judicial, etc.) is excluded.

Sources of personal data 
Stranieri Gomma may receive your personal data from you for your free choice (via email, website, telephone, fax, etc.) or from public sources (public records, social networks, etc.). Whatever the source, Stranieri Gomma will not process the personal data of natural persons for promotional or commercial purposes without their explicit consent.

Contacts / Questions 
contact the Data Controller to exercise your rights or request clarification by registered mail at Stranieri Gomma - Via Carlo Zatti 23/1 - 42122 Reggio Emilia or by fax 0522.331656


Terms & Conditions

We accept payment at the orders, by bank transfer and Paypal.

Our shipping term is 7 days from the orders/payments.

We send the goods by express couriers and supply the tracking number to the customer by email, the same day of the shipment.
When you pay for the shipment, you are paying for the shipment untill your home, without other costs.
But If you are located in a country outside the EU (European Community), in many cases you will be contacted by the courier for the import taxes of your country and the courier commisions of Customs presentation.

For the satisfaction of our customers, we give a great quantities of variants of colour and materials, for this all our products are Custom made and cannot be returned for refund or credit.(Italian law about “conditions of sales and returns” please note, you can find the law as "DECRETO LEGISLATIVO 21 febbraio 2014, n. 21 – art. 59 letter C.)

We accept to refund only if we made an error in processing the order and it is returned within 7 business days of customer receipt as per tracking records. All the costs of shipments and/or Customs are of the customer. Contact us before to return products and wait for our email / fax of authorization. We refund the cost the products only and by bank transfer, within 5 days. Please let us know your bank details in the documentation sent us.

Limited Warranty

The warranty on our products remains in effect for 2 years (1 year if the buyer is a company) from the date of the first consumer purchase. Armrests Design Italy protects the original owner: The original, dated bill of sale is required whenever warranty service is required. Please have this available before making contact..
Limitations of Warranties
Armrests Design Italy company liability is limited to the repair or replacement at our option, of any defective product and shall not include incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty does not cover: 
1.products without a legitimate dated proof of purchase
2.products whose identification markings have been removed, altered, effaced or made unreadable
3.damage caused by abuse or misuse, improper assembly, improper or insufficient maintenance, accidents, impacts, corrosion, aggressive cleaners, use with non compatible components, improper repairs, and more generally anything which is not a material or manufacturing defect.
4.UV rays effects (colors fading)
5.the effects of saline environment products (also partially)
7.products modified in any way
8.shipping damage (the forwarder is responsible)
Return Authorization – Shipments
If you need to return a product to Armrests Design Italy, you need before to request a formal Return Authorization. The shipping cost to Wood Company are at customers charges.
For more information on warranties not covered here, please contact us at the addresses below::

Armrests Design Italy by Stranieri Gomma s.n.c.

Via Carlo Zatti 23

42122 Reggio Emilia


Vat number 02516180359